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Exhibit Services Company (ESC) is a 20-year veteran of trade show exhibit design and rental. Listening carefully to your goals, timing and budget, we’re able to deliver the right solution for your event, be it an inspired custom pavilion or an efficient rented workstation.

Our investment in the latest technology enables ESC to work with clients across the country and the world. Rich-graphic, 3 dimensional CAD drawings produced during the design process enable you to truly see the product before construction — no surprises.

If you decide a rental exhibit is the best fit we have an extensive inventory of custom counters, walls, reception desks, seating areas, conference rooms, video monitors and more. Our graphics partners will make sure your presentation is dynamic, sharp and memorable.

An overview of the products and designs we offer is below. Be sure to visit our Portfolio to see our work to find inspiration for your show, and explore our featured projects for a closer look at our work.

  • linear exhibits
  • demo counters
  • kiosks
  • work stations
  • stage sets
  • theme exhibits
  • island exhibits
  • furniture
  • booths
  • reception areas
  • demonstration counters
  • rental exhibits

Graphics and banners

With the emergence of digital printers it’s now possible to get bold, colorful graphics at a reasonable price. We can produce tradeshow graphics that will enhance your exhibit and draw attention to your products and services:

  • pop-up exhibit murals
  • mounted poster prints
  • backlit headers
  • product graphics
  • hanging signs and banners

Portable Exhibits

Portable exhibits are useful for smaller events and frequent travelers, appreciated for their ease of set-up and scalability. A few ideas are below:

  • pop-up exhibits
  • panel systems
  • tabletop exhibits
  • banner stands
  • literature stands
  • table drapes
  • outdoor exhibits
  • hanging signs





Big Creativity. Big Value.

About ESC

25 Years of Inspired Service

For more than 20 years, Exhibit Services Company has provided an inspired, value-driven approach to tradeshow and event exhibits. Founded in San Jose, California in the mid 1980’s, ESC has seen the conference industry move through periods of both growth and contraction, enabling us to find the sweet-spot between pioneering design and value.

When asked the best way to earn a customer Ed Jeskey, the President of ESC has often said great service, combined with honesty, value, and a fresh innovative approach are critical.

Our Process

At ESC we use a simple and proven process to ensure great results for your event.


We start by meeting with you by phone, developing a thorough understanding of your needs and objectives. Are you looking for a Rental or Custom Design? What are the size requirements? Linear or Island? We begin with the high-level information and move into the details, ensuring our solutions will be on-target for your customer.

If you decide a rental exhibit is the best fit for your event we’ll help you choose a display from our extensive inventory. These high-quality rental components will enable you to make a great impression, even on a limited budget.


Then the design begins. Our creative team creates a series of 3-dimensional CAD drawings of your design; images with remarkable sharpness and clarity. You’ll see a close rendition of what your exhibit will look like at the show, helping you locate areas for graphics, product displays, presentations and other activities you want to perform on the day of the event.


After we agree on the design our team of builders begin construction and put it all together. All elements are fabricated and readied for transport, all with an understanding of the specific requirements of your show.


We know your presentation is critical to the success of your business so you can arrange to have a member of the ESC team on-site for the show, giving you time to focus on other priorities.

After the event we can warehouse your exhibit properties until your next show. In addition, ESC can strategically coordinate your next several events, saving time and money on shipping and logistics.

We believe clear communication and teamwork produce the best results. If you’re looking for a true partner for a custom conference property or an innovative rental exhibit, ESC wants to work with you. Contact us at 800-827-0106 or Request a Quote today.

Success Stories

Request A Quote


Ready for a quote on your exhibit, demo counter, kiosk or workstation? Use this form to send us details of your event, and we’ll create a solution to meet your budget and timeline. If you have images, an RFP or other files, email them to us here.


Ed Jeskey
President, Exhibit Services Company



We’ve decided to exhibit at a trade show, where do I begin?


Right here! The design process begins with a conversation either by phone or email. With a little information, we can manage the business details and get to work on a design that will impress your customers and your boss.


Should I buy or rent an exhibit?


When considering whether to buy or rent one consideration is the number of shows you have in the coming 12 months. If you have only 1 or 2 shows, a customized rental might be the ticket. With a rental, there are no storage or repair fees-- in fact you can choose a different design for every show. If you have a very busy tradeshow schedule with many shows, purchase might be the best approach.


Along with the exhibit, can ESC help with all the logistics?


Absolutely. From shipping to tear down, ESC will help manage the entire process and ensure everything runs smoothly.


When should we get started on the exhibit or booth?


We find that 60 to 90 days work best, depending on the size of your booth. Don’t get discouraged if you timeline is tight, we’ve been known to do some large projects in 2 weeks (or less).


I have some design ideas, can ESC help me develop them?


We’d love to! We’ve found that the best exhibits are achieved by working closely with our clients’ vision. With your direction and our creativity, the possibilities are endless.


Does ESC provide graphic services?


Yes, we have full graphic capabilities. From small product graphics to large photo murals, ESC is a full-services exhibit house.


I want to look good at the show but I don’t have a big budget, can ESC help me?


Just because you have a small budget doesn’t mean you have to look small. With the ESC custom rental approach you can go head to head with the leaders in your industry for a fraction of the cost of purchasing.